Contemporary Outsider Art: The Global Context

An International Conference Hosted by Arts Project and the University of Melbourne 23-26 October 2014.

This inter-disciplinary exploration of the field drew on the experience and knowledge of Australian and international artists, collectors, curators and scholars. The conference comprised keynote addresses, sessions of 30-minute papers and round table discussions where presenters from different disciplines and backgrounds engaged with topics relating to three major themes:

  • The Practices of Outsider Artists
  • Collections of Outsider Art and Curated Exhibitions
  • Outsider Art History and Theory

The conference also hosted an exhibition – Outside – curated by Grace McQuilten and held at Federation Square, Arts Victoria. Outside was an exhibition that showcased the work of ten artists from new migrant communities, postered-up throughout the streets of Melbourne and exhibited in a digital display on the large screens at Federation Square over two weeks from 17th – 31st October 2014. The exhibition played with the idea of “outside” in the context of issues of social inclusion and exclusion, access and participation in the visual landscape of Melbourne’s city streets. The exhibition was funded by Arts Victoria and formed a visual dialogue with Contemporary Outsider Art: The Global Context.

The website for the conference can be accessed here:

PDF summaries of the conference streams can be downloaded here and here.

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