This page shows publications produced since the commencement of the project in 2018 and related publications by members of the research team that appeared prior to the project.

[Image: Mark Smith, Welcome, 2018, calico, cotton thread and stuffing, 110 x 55 x 34 cm. Monash University Museum of Art Collection. Image courtesy of Arts Project Australia.]

Conference Papers

White, A., “Captivity and Creativity in Wartime,” Working Group, 2023 Modern Language Association Annual Conference (San Francisco, 6 January 2023).

White, A., ‘Italian Internees and Prisoners of War in Australia 1940-1945: Carceral Aesthetics’ (Multilingual Encounters in Captivity: Italians in POW Camps), Modern Language Association Annual Conference (Washington, D. C., January 2022).

Parlane, A. & White, A., “Recentring Australian Art”, Panel, IMPACT: Art Association of Australia & New Zealand (AAANZ) Conference, Sydney, December 2021.

White, A., ‘Opening Australian Art History: The Case Of Henry Dearing,’ Sixteenth International Conference on the Arts in Society, The University of Western Australia, School of Design, Perth (June, 2021).

Green, C, ‘Art, Wellness and Creativity,’ The Intersection of Wellness and Creativity: Mapping the Field, keynote lecture, conference, University of Melbourne (November 2019).

White, A, ‘Storytelling at The Dax Centre’, Transformational and Dangerous: The Ethics of Storytelling Workshop, Art-Based Social Enterprise and Marginalised Young People’s Transitions Project, RMIT University (November 2019).

White, A, ‘The Dax Centre: An Archive of Works by Artists with Experience of Mental Illness’, Heat & Dust: Artists, Archives, Art History, Art Gallery of New South Wales and the Power Institute, University of Sydney (November 2018).

White, A, ‘Outsider Art: Historical Perspectives’, Outsider Art: Contemporary Considerations, part of the Talk the Talk lecture series, Art Curatorship Partnership Projects, University of Melbourne (April 2018).

Journal Articles

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